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I live in Potomac Oaks Condos in Gaithersburg md with Debbie and Camila as office personnel. There is constant mismanagement and incompetence by the office staff. Anything residence can do to replace the office staff.

Ironically, I  used to live in Montgomery County.  I lived in Silver Spring and later in Rockville as I began my real estate career.

Fast forward to now.  I left Maryland 16 years ago and continued my career in another major metro market and I'm now retired .  That I specialized in commercial real estate doesn't affect my answer. A lease is a lease and a tenant is a tenant.  Agents are not licenced differently based on their specialty. We all take the same courses and sit for the same licensing exams.

The short answer to your question is no and yws.  You can't tell a company who they should employ.but if they are the owner or agents for owner and they're not fulfilling their responsibilities as set forth in your lease,  you might have a legitimate complaint.  Real estate agents will never dispense legal advice;  that's practicing law without a law license.  These answers are not intended to be legal advice. This is an opinion based on knowledge gained from a 25-year career in real estate.   If you think you have a legitimate complaint,  my suggestion is to contact an attorney who is familiar with landlord tenant law in Montgomery County.  

If you have follow-up questions, I'll be happy to help.  Thanks for choosing AllExperts! Please be sure to rate your Expert!

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Adam L. Greenberg CPS


I have several years of experience in commercial property management, particularly in tenant retention but also in day-to-day tenant relations and service. Tenant relations and property management are the same whether residential or commercial--everyone takes he same licensing classes. It's the practical work experience that differentiates the two. I can answer questions relating to general topics but by law, because I was formerly licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson by The Missouri Real Estate Commission (2005-2014), I cannot give legal advice and as per Items #4 and #5 of the AllExperts User Agreement, and my answers may not be construed as such.


I began my career in property management with the residence hall operations at a large state university. I worked with everything that had to do with the tenants (students), from directly managing front desk operations to working behind-the-scenes with support staff. Professionally, for over six years, I was a member of a property management team which managed dozens of commercial and residential properties in Downtown Washington, DC; Arlington, Virginia; and Bethesda, Maryland. I also have an additional ten years of experience as a management agent for an absentee owner in Saint Louis, Missouri. I retired early in 2014 and I now live in Florida, which has provided me the experience of interaction with Homeowners' Associations (HOAs). Some of my Answers have reflected this experience.

Former member, Washington Area Concierge Association (WACA), Washington, DC Former member, St. Louis Association of REALTORS.

BA Speech Communication, University of Maryland, 1993 Graduate of American School of Real Estate, St. Louis, Missouri, 2005 Certified Property Management Specialist (CPS), 2010 Successful completion of Continuing Education courses in Ethics, Diversity

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