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Kim wrote at 2014-12-20 04:29:57
No landlord has the right to enter your apartment when your not home, he doesnt evn hv the rights to entet evn if u were home if you did not widh him to at that time, if they need to come in for 1 reason or another its on your terms not hus, they have to call you , ask u if its ok to come ovr to do whtevr & set a date & time thts comvient for you, you may be renting, but this us still your home & you pay your rent, u hv the right to privacy.. A landlord doesnt evn hv the right to hv a key to your apartment. My landlord anytime he has to come in for wht evr reason it is, always calls & ask if he can & wht day & time is good..

Just cause they own the building doesnt gv thm the rent to enter your home any time he wishes, especially whn your not home..

Im not a lawyer, or gving u legal advice.. Im just gving advice as a tennants of rxperimce myself.. Check out the laws in your state.. I live in Mass & i knw my rights as a massachuetts renter.. Good luck

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