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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Sperling,

Thanks for being available to answer my question.

I have chronic bronchitis brought, on I believe, by my allergies.  

My difficulty is that I react to allergens by drying up and my lungs become sore and the air feels hot and dry.  I am taking an steroid inhaler for the lungs.  

But the last fifteen nights my nasal passages are drying out, heating up and bleeding a bit with the allergy.  Mucous is getting caked onto the linings of my nose.  My doctor told me to take Otrivine but I am afraid that might be drying me up even more. I have sprayed my nostrils three times in the last 24 hours.

My lungs are reacting to this situation with shallow breathing and soreness.  I am driven demented as I haven't been able to sleep for fourteen days - just an hour here or there.

What I do when I wake up is have a hot drink and a menthol sweet but this only relieves things very temporarily.  Last night I also tried some steaming which I think helped a little too.

It is driving me crazy and exacerbating other health problems.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



ANSWER: Nuala...Very involved and difficult question(s).

Tell me a little about your personal environment inside your home, immediately outside your home and in your immediate community.

Concentrate on everything inside including carpeting, materials, HVAC system, and their ages.

Outside comment on the neighborhood, the vegitation, and the air.

Community concentrate on factories, industry, pollution and the releases that they may give off.

Cheers, Gene

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am working on moving out of my apartment at the moment, as it is single aspect, hence practically no air circulation.  The corridor outside my apartment has no windows either.  I also look out on a very busy road.

My aim is to find an apartment with a large bedroom with little furniture and a large window.  I'm looking out for a dual aspect apt. with a through flow of air.  

In the interim I would love if you could possibly recommend any remedies that might ease the situation:  steaming, essential oils, liquorice, marshmallow, nasal drops, hot drinks or menthol?  I feel these might be helping me but I would really appreciate your opinion.  

I know I am allergic to any materials that have little particles coming off them (wool, cotton etc). Someone said silk is good for people with allergies.  Would you know anything about that?

I am also allergic to some rubbers, cats, birds, dust and mould.


There is no cure or alternative for living in a crowded, city such as Dublin. You will never get ahead of the adverse aspects of the pollution....especially in a stuffy apt. I arrive at this through about 30 years of experience.

Me advice is to seek medical attention until you can move. Remedies will probably no longer work.

Cheers, Gene  

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