Respiratory: Allergies & Sinus Problems/Virus Allergy??


Hi, my symptoms started over a week ago with a sore throat for a few days very high fever of 39.9 and severe headaches, i woke on tuesday morning and my face was so swollen i couldnt open my eyes. I visited my gp and was told I had taken an allergic reaction to a virus (never even knew that was possible) he prescribed antihistamines and sent me on my way. The following day my face was even bigger and purple! Back to same gp and was given 30mg of steroids. My swelling has now gone down but my headache remains and every cm of my face is agony and all my skin is coming off! Could my doctors diagnosis be accurate?


A virus sets off IgE antibodies in the body, so technically each virus sets up an allergy.

Your reaction while a little out of the ordinary is not totally unusual. If your temperature was elevated for a significant time period, then that is enough to cause your face to peel.

There are some out of the ordinary virus' going around, along with more unusual reactions. If you are recovering I wouldn't worry too much about the last one.

I would construct a diet rich in anti oxidants that will build up the immune system in the future. Similar to the Meditarrian diet or a modified Vegitarian diet, both of which will work.

Cheers, Gene

Respiratory: Allergies & Sinus Problems

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