Respiratory: Allergies & Sinus Problems/Hoarseness for past 3yrs


I've had an endoscopy done after I was having issues w hoarseness. Dr. Wanted to ensure no polyps or acid reflux. I don't get heartburn much. Results came back as everything looked ok (just a little red) so we tried acid meds. Nothing worked. As time moved on I realized the hoarseness comes and goes. When I thought about it - it seemed seasonal like from March till Thanksgiving I'd be fighting this hoarseness. Then during Winter it got better. Ahh, I assumed allergies. I have a lot of post nasal drip. So I began allergy meds (Allegra or Claritin twice a day as directed by my asthma dr). And I use nasonex. Ok well not helping. So now what? Here I am still hoarse. I was in the FL Keys a week ago and was pretty good and didn't even use my inhaler. I then start wondering is it my current town? I hadn't ever experienced this before (unless as a child of cry real hard and be hoarse the next day). I've lived in this more "country" town since 08 and it seemed to happen shortly after. Hmm but could me living 10mins away from my hometown really make such a diff? Yes there are more farms around me and animals down the road etc. I just don't know where else to turn. It seems like no dr can find the cause or help w a cute. It hurts to talk when I'm real hoarse like tonight and I'm getting frustrated having to deal w this condition. Any ideas? Thoughts? Where I may turn to next? I appreciate any feedback as I just feel lost and helpless.


It is very difficult to deal with a situation like yours, so lets first look at the basics of Environmental issues.

Begin with your bedding:

Mandatory pillow and mattress hypoallergenic covers. BedBath&Beyond.

Laundry products must not contain odors. Absolutely no fabric softeners of any kind. These degrade with heat and turn into a teflon product, and this irritates te lining of the nasal mucosa.

Cleaning products for the home. Absolutely NO--NO--NO Fabreze, Swiffer, Murphy's oil soap, Old English, Bar Keeper products.

No Glade (or similar) plug in's.

When this has been cleared, if you still have problems...let me know, and we can move on to phase 2.

Cheers, Gene

Cheers, Gene

Respiratory: Allergies & Sinus Problems

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