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shirley meset wrote at 2013-08-24 02:39:10

    Just got home from hosp with 2nd time pneumonia. I'm on 4 lts ox and still cant hardly breathe. My stomach is so sick and bloated, have a tightness across my chest. My body aches all over, back and ribs, shoulders sore to touch. Do you think I'm in last stage of this pulmonary fibrosis Wish I just could go to sleep and not wake. so miserable   thanks  shirley mesey

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Neal Okerson


I should be able to answer most questions about anatomy and physiology of heart and lungs. I also enjoy answering questions about understanding diseases. I should also be able to explain the goals and objectives of various pulmonary related treatments. Not an M.D., but worked in the field (Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician) since 1990. Registered Respiratory Therapist since 1995. B.S. degree in Health Education (1987). Currently working (since 1993) as the Director of Clinical Education in an AMA approved Respiratory Care Program in Western KY.

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