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Jerry wrote at 2013-09-09 16:08:36
I just wanted to comment on Martha's situation,  as I am experiencing much the same.  I have difficulty taking care of the simplest of tasks.  I become breathless with minimal exertion and feel nauseous except when I am at rest.  If there has been any new info on a link of the problems and a possible solution,  I would love to know it.

Ilovethekitties6 wrote at 2013-09-21 14:11:10
I too am having this same sickness.  I'm stage 3 COPD and still work.  I too chose to use my O2 only at night but I become SO tired throughout the day.  Now within the last few months I'm vomiting till I have dry heaves when I wake up.  Some days it happens and some days it dosen't.

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