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Hi..I have a question.When i everday get up at morning i suffer with alot of sneezing.I am 39 healthy male but i don't know why that is so? Also i have a soar throat problem.
Kindly give me some favorable information.Thank you.


iTS PROBABLY allergies due to pollen or dust.  You should get a cool mist humidifier.  The best one to get is the pediatric size cool mist humidifiers by vicks or cvs brand.  You can get them at local drugstores or on  One sells for 40 dollars one 25.  Most important thing is to change the filter on top of it every 3 months.  Its a plastic tub the pediatric size is cheaper and good for adults too.  Fill with cold water..  take a tablespoon of table salt and plug in in bedroom leave door 3/4 closed.  water will filter air and salt will clear up the throat dryness and nose congestion.  also if you have carpet in your room where you sleep. I would place a plastic garbage bag on the side where you sleep.  this will prevent the dust on the rug to irritate your throat.   If this does not help I would consider seeing an allergist. feel free to email again karel

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