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History of Hypertension
On Toprol xl 12.5, HCTZ 25

About six months ago I was doing my daily ride on my exercise bike when suddenly I felt a tightness as well as shortness of breath after I got off the bike. I was terrified a I have read it can signal a heart attack. I immediately rushed to the hospital and after getting a clean bill of health I was sent home, unfortunately the condition still affect me and im terrified one day ill drop dead from something that has been missed.

What I feel- Basically my ability to take a deep breath is stopped. Like inagine trying to get a deep breath and you cant get more than 60/100 on that breath. It usually happens after I STOP exercising and lingers for 30-50 minutes. Its an awful strangling sensation.

Ive irritated the heck out or the cardiology/pulmonary departments at my local hospital and these are the following tests I have gotten to rule out pulmonary/cardiac issues.

2 CXR normal
1 Full PFT with flow volume loop- normal
2x Echocardiogram- Normal
1 Stress Echocardiogram- Normal
Pulse oximeter always registers 98-99

What do you think could be causing this terrifying shortness of breath? I am very concerned I have coronary artery disease or something that they simply havent found.

Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Kevin,

All the tests you have already had done are basically the tests I would have recommended. Do you have a history of Anxiety? The only thing I can think of is you may have shortness of breath secondary to nerves and/or anxiety.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thabks so much for getting back to me sir.

I do in fact have a history of anxiety and tend to he written off. The issue is these episodes arwnt preceded by any anxiety at all, Sometimes they do cause a panic attack but mostly they are just extremely frustrating. Although it does happen at rest sometimes too. Do you think I can dismiss CAD as a possibility after the stress echo? The reason I worry about CAD is i have read how shortness of breath can signal a coronary issue. Thank you again sir.

Hi Kevin:  

ECHOs tests are pretty clear and hard to misinterpret. With all the less invasive tests all being clear, I would venture to say the right tests have been done to confirm that your heart and lungs are essentially fine. I would consider asking your doctor to increase your anti-anxiety medication, to see if it helps. If you are still concerened about CAD, the only thing left to do would be a diagnostic cath procedure, but that would be a pretty invasive procedure to find out what all the other tests essentially confirmed already.  

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