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Thank you for taking time out to read this. Me and my bf both suffer from allergies reactions, eg,itchy nose n eyes,eyes throat.the apartment we live in is quite old and has cat hairs in the bf used to smoke for 2-3 yrs but has now stopped,been more than 8yrs now.anyways we both take antihestimines to get rid of our allergies,but for the past couple of nights when we go to bed,my bf starts having these flammy chesty coughs which makes him spit out these flammy things,I'm really scared thinking its something serious but he doesn't think it's serious.he is in top shape,eats very healthy food,doesn't eat junk food at all,and goes gym every single day.He doesn't want to go docs but I really want to know if he is okay,only seems to come on when we go to sleep,allergies kick in the most for him than,runny nose n flammy nose.Please help!!

Okay, happy holidays.  Now it could be the beginning of asthma, probably due to the smoking, believe it or not 2-3 years can still cause damage, but he stopped so that is the most important.  And it takes up to 10 yrs. after one has stopped before they can symptoms.  Now you need to try a few things,You have got to pick up the carpet.  Thats what most irritating.  A bare floor or even cheap stick tile is better.  For now however, on the side of the bed place 2 garbage bags on the florr of each of the sides where you sleep at night.  This will help the cat hairs from irritating you.  However, not totally, the rug as to go.  Next you both need to sleep on 2 pillows.  Next most importantly, You can go to or rite aid or or the stores if they are in your area, and you need to purchase only one of these 2 types of cool mist humidifiers . vicks cool mist humidifier which sells for around 40 dollars with a package of filters around 10.dollars or if they it the cvs brand cool mist humidifier, which sells for 22 dollars.  Pediatric size is good for one person however if you get the adult size it would be great for the entire room for both of you.  The one important thing on any of these humidifiers is the filter on top of the machine, must be changed every 3-4 months or when it turns gray or gets dirty.  You fill the plastic with cold water to the fill line,  you are going to put a tablespoon of table salt in the water if pediatric size, if adult size 2 tablespoons.  Plug it in the room at night, and close the bedroom door at least 3/4 of the way.  What will happen in the mist out of the machine, filters the air and the salt will help dry up the mucus and coughing.  Great for colds, kids , anyone.  Also any stuffed animals in the room, take out.  Now if the mucus color is yellow or green longer than 72 hours you need to be on antibiotics because that is an infection, white or clear mucus is okay.  If this does not stop, you both need to see a pulmonary doctor first , to get a pulmonary function test which is a machine one breathes in or out to check for asthma, or emphysema.  But for now I would try these things.  Also if its allergies, the best meds to take to really get allergies under control is singulair.  One a day.  it has no side effects, and can be taken with any meds.  I myself have been on it for years, they have a generic, but you need a script.  Hope this helps, feel free to email anytime.   Happy and a Healthy New Year. Karel

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