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QUESTION: Hello im a 31 yo male 6 foot 2 230lbs i smoked for 16 years give or take and i have been stopped for 2 years now i was wondering what you think of my PFT i took thank you.


FVC Liters Ref=6.15,Pre Meas=4.95,Pre%Ref=81,Post Meas=4.96 Post%Ref=81,Post change 0
Fev1 Liters Ref=4.96,Pre Meas=3.88,Pre%ref=78,Post meas=4.00,Post%Ref=81,post chg=3
Fev1/Fvc % Ref=81,Pre meas=78,post Meas=81
FeF25-75%L/sec Ref=4.85,Pre meas=3.67,Pre%Ref=76,Post Meas=4.04,Post%Ref=83,Post%Chg=10
PeF L/Sec PreMeas=7.85,PostMeas=7.11,PostChg= -10
Fet100% Sec PreMeas=6.60,PostMeas=6.57 PostChg= -0

Lung Volumes

Vc Liters Ref=6.15,PreMeas=5.18,Pre%Ref=84
TLC Liters Ref=7.95,PreMeas=6.90,Pre%Ref=87
RV Liters Ref=1.93,PreMeas=1.72,Pre%Ref=89
Rv/TLC% Ref=24,PreMeas=25
FRC PL Liters Ref=4.00,PreMeas2.45,Pre%Ref=61
Ic Liters Ref=4.06,PreMeas=4.45,Pre%Ref=110
Raw cmH20/L/Sec Ref 1.09


DLco Ml/mmhg/min Ref=46.3,PreMeas=35.6,Pre%Ref=77
DL Adj mL/mmHg/min Ref=46.3 PreMeas=33.1 Pre%ref=72
Va Liters PreMeas=6.11
DLCO/Va mL/mHg/min/L Ref=6.03,PreMeas=5.83 Pre%Ref=97
DL/VA AdjmL/mHg/min/L PreMeas=5.43
IVC Liters PreMeas=4.69


ANSWER: Please forgive me but just had spine surgery and cant decipher all the values.  on the bottom of the test should be interpretation.  under the post bronchodilators should be a percentage anything 80% and above is normal.  From 75-80% would be mild trouble.  Any percentage that went up under the post columns means that the medication has helped after it was given.  And one should consider an inhaler.  Judgin from what I can decipher it sounds like the very beginning of copd(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which also goes under, emphysema, chronic bronchitis.It takes up to 10 years after one stops smoking for all the damage to show however the best thing is that you stopped so that some of it will get better and reverse itself, how much is hard to tell. feel free to email again.  if you email me the interpretation of the bottom it would help.  If you get short of breath walking on level ground after 1 or 2 blocks let me know.  Also did you ever or have ever had asthma, a lot of colds, or upper resp. problems. sometimes, one can have mild asthma which as we get older develops into copd which all of us eventually will get some form of copd as we age after 70.feel free to email karel. You should also email other pulmonary doctors or therapist on this line for their opinions.

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QUESTION: i can get on an exercise bike and do 25 min just fine i mean my i dont have couging or anything like that i clear my throat alot but thats about it.i did get alittle sick the next day cause my wife had been sick so i dont know if that played into it or not as well.i sent these results to another and he said he didnt see any glaring problems,i only smoked maybe a half pack a day i wasnt a big smoker.

ANSWER: I agree. I would recheck in 6 months, what i would do is purchase a cool mist humifier machine. the vicks pediatric size or cvs brand is great. Its a simple tub you fill with cold water. I want you to add a tablespoon of tablesalt to the water. The water filters the room, the salt will alleviate any throat cough or clearing.  Pediatric size is good for adults.  Vicks one sells for 40 dollars, cvs brand 22, you can get at amazon too if stores dont have it.  You must remember one important thing, you must purchase a package of filters 3 in a pack for 10 dollars, and change the filter when it gets dirty, usually every 3 months.  or sooner if it gets dirty as this is all the bacteria it pulls in and you dont want to rebreathe it back in.  If you sleep in a carpeted room. on your side of bed place a garbage bag on the rug, this prevents any dander from irritating you.  hope this helps. I would do nothing unless the md suggests an inhaler which I doubt and recheck in  6 months or if you have problems sooner. But dont go back to smoking.  The humidifier is great for colds and flu, that going around like crazy. Good luck, Karel

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QUESTION: Reason why i had ti done is cause my lower lip on the corners turns purple here and there but even at rest and when i work out they are pink 95% of the time very rare does my top lip turn purple and only on corners never the mid
i was never a big time smoker i jsut did it for along time and this stuff freaks me out cause my dad died from this stuff he got emphysema and then CoPd and passed away in Aug from Lung cancer but he smoked for 45 years almost 3 packs+ a day i smoked for about 16 years but about half a pack a day and have always been very do you relaly feel that im in beggining stage of Copd?

Some say that emphysema can be hereditary there is one kind called alpha trypsin, but like asthma if emphysema runs in the family, your chances of getting it this might be a very early warning.  However, before your values go anywhere under 70% which yours does not this is a warning that later on in life say 20 yrs, if you continue to smoke you will get within that time frame.  In a way this is a gift that someone is trying to warn you.  to stop the smoking.  cold turkey is the best, or the patch, usually after 72 hours of no smoking the lungs begin to recover from any effects, so I would say that your chances are high of not getting it sooner, .we all get copd some very very minute after 70 as our organs age, you are nowhere even remotely in that category since you are young.  as i stated stop smoking, if you have great and repeat the test after 3-6 months, my guess is that those 2 or 3 factors you have showing 70% will shoot back up to 80% or more which is normal.  I will be ansering questions until monday as Im having surgery so will be out for a month, feel free to email me before then, good luck, I would not freak out.karel. Though I know its scary if you saw someone suffer from the illness.  

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