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QUESTION: hello my name is justin im 31 Male just under 6 foot 3 230ish Lbs
i just had respit test done and was wondering if you see a problem in my test results.


FVC Liters Ref=6.15,Pre Meas=4.95,Pre%Ref=81,Post Meas=4.96 Post%Ref=81,Post change 0
Fev1 Liters Ref=4.96,Pre Meas=3.88,Pre%ref=78,Post meas=4.00,Post%Ref=81,post chg=3
Fev1/Fvc % Ref=81,Pre meas=78,post Meas=81
FeF25-75%L/sec Ref=4.85,Pre meas=3.67,Pre%Ref=76,Post Meas=4.04,Post%Ref=83,Post%Chg=10
PeF L/Sec PreMeas=7.85,PostMeas=7.11,PostChg= -10
Fet100% Sec PreMeas=6.60,PostMeas=6.57 PostChg= -0

Lung Volumes

Vc Liters Ref=6.15,PreMeas=5.18,Pre%Ref=84
TLC Liters Ref=7.95,PreMeas=6.90,Pre%Ref=87
RV Liters Ref=1.93,PreMeas=1.72,Pre%Ref=89
Rv/TLC% Ref=24,PreMeas=25
FRC PL Liters Ref=4.00,PreMeas2.45,Pre%Ref=61
Ic Liters Ref=4.06,PreMeas=4.45,Pre%Ref=110
Raw cmH20/L/Sec Ref 1.09


DLco Ml/mmhg/min Ref=46.3,PreMeas=35.6,Pre%Ref=77
DL Adj mL/mmHg/min Ref=46.3 PreMeas=33.1 Pre%ref=72
Va Liters PreMeas=6.11
DLCO/Va mL/mHg/min/L Ref=6.03,PreMeas=5.83 Pre%Ref=97
DL/VA AdjmL/mHg/min/L PreMeas=5.43
IVC Liters PreMeas=4.69

Please let me know if there is a problem with my test.
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Justin,

Thanks for giving me a shot at answering your Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) results. My response, in summary, is that I don't really see any glaring problems with your results, but any Reference result that is below 100% is generally considered "sub-optimal" or abnormal. PFTs are a whole separate specialty altogether, and generally a PFT Specialist and Pulmonologist can give you a much more fair idea of what these results really mean. I would like to recommend to you that you consult further with a Pulmonologist.

Best of health to you,

Larry, RRT

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: So do you think that im in the beggining stages of COPD? that is what i have got from the other 2 respit theripist, i was never a heavy smoker maybe half pack a day and always active.and if so is there a way to fix this from happening im 31 years old.


Hey there, good to hear back from ya. I can't really say you have COPD, because as an RRT I am not qualified to make an official diagnosis of any kind. But there are ways to identify diagnoses based on PFT results and whatnot, and the results can sometimes line up with what we would see in a COPD patient. Not trying to dance around the questions so much, but COPD patients can range in age from 25 to 125, as smoking-related conditions know no age restrictions. Hopefully that makes sense.

Best of health to you!

Larry, RRT

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