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Respiratory Therapist/Right chest pain, what can this be?


QUESTION: An uncomfortable / slightly tender feeling inside my chest, on the right side of my sternum started around the time that I felt like coming down with a cold, 2 weeks ago. That night when I first felt it I also felt tired, had a headache, heavy head, and a couple of new tender lymph nodes in my neck.

A few days into this cold, I had nausea and vomiting, and one time when I vomited I forced myself pretty badly and I felt it hurting again, more intensely, on the same side inside my chest, then it went away in a few minutes.

Then I didn't really have any other symptoms for a week, my cold also cleared, (I did get some occasional shortness of breath but I also suffer from anxiety) and this morning I slept on my right side in a more unusual position and when I woke up to change my position I felt this uncomfortable tickling feeling on the same right side and felt like coughing when I inspired.

I don't have a cough and I don't normally have any pain when I breathe in and out.

I have made an appointment to see a specialist doctor next week but I'm a bit worried of what it could be. I even thought about lymphoma in the chest, but it wouldn't have hurt/appeared at the same time as the cold symptoms, right?

I'm 28, smoked for 8 years but quit 4 years ago.

ANSWER: Hi Rebecca,

More than anything, if you also had nausea and vomiting, to me it sounds like you may have Pneumonia...especially if you have chest tenderness, which usually comes from a hacking cough. waiting until next week to be seen for something that has been going on and is going on now is a bad idea. By then, you may either be better...or markedly worse. Just to be safe, I'd push that appointment up if I were you. I hope this helps.

Lemme know how it goes!  

Larry, RRT

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for answering!

I will push for an earlier appointment.

The episode with the nausea and vomiting only lasted one night, but it was quite intense. I also had a mild fever that night -99.5. I actually thought it was a case of food poisoning but maybe it was related to my previous symptoms.

Can I have pneumonia even if I don't have a persistent cough? Or continuous fever?

One last question - is it possible to diagnose pneumonia without an X-ray? I might be pregnant and I wish I didn't have one.

Hi Rebecca,

Generally, it is common to have a short-term low-grade fever (less than 100) with Pneumonia. If you are an essentially healthy adult, you r body is sometimes strong enough for the fever will often go away on its own...or simply, a few doses of Tylenol or Advil can drop the fever pretty quickly. A persistent cough is not necessary for Pnemonia, it's just one of the more common traits. Have you been tested for the Flu? Did you get a Flu vaccine this year? Pnemonia can be diagnosed with a sputum sample, chest x-ray, fever or any combination of those. But chest x-ray tends to tell us the most about what's really going on inside the chest.

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