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Hello.  My mother has a trach.  She has an oxygen concentrator, a suction machine, a small nebulizer that is used 3 times a day, and the air compressor supplying humidity to her trach mask.  The air compressor is by Precision and is called Easy Air.  It is a tabletop model with a refillable cup for distilled water.  It needs to be set at 28 to keep her lungs moist.  The air compressor is extremely loud.  So loud, that we cannot hear her cough if we are not in the same room.  Do you have any recommendations as to a quieter brand or unit?  We really need your advice.  Thanks.

Hi Cindy,
I can certainly sympathize with your situation. Most respiratory equipment is quite noisy, but for compressors that must run continuously it is especially bad. Many of the ones we use are also unacceptable and I do not know why more patients do not complain about the noise.

A couple of models that are supposed to be pretty quiet are Timeter PCS 414 which has a 50 decibel noise level and the Devilbiss Heavy Duty Breathing Compressor which has a 51 decibel noise level. Both of these companies have been around a very long time and generally have quality products.

I noticed the Precision Easy Air did not advertise that it is quiet and gives no decibel level, but from what you said I can see why.

At any rate it is best to stay 50 decibels or less, the lower the better. Forty decibels is considered pretty silent as for as compressors go.

If you can give me a couple of days I will try to find the quietest possible model for you.  

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