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Hello Sir,

30 y/o male, occasional smoker(5 Cigs a Month if that). 3 weeks ago, I came down with a Repiratory Infection. I was coughing up Green/Yellow sputum,Fever, Body Aches, NO BUENO. After Chest X-ray and flu swab was negative, was put on Augmentin 875 MG for 10 days, Mucinex D and a Abuterol Inhaler. Fast forward to today, The Fever has been gone, green/yellow stuff is gone(Except In the mornings when I wake up, I cough it up along with some Blood traces in it). I still have a cough and it still feels like my chest is rattling. Nose is still running and I notice I sneeze more. Went in for a follow up 2 days ago. They took another chest x-ray which was negative again(Said my lungs where clear, but I feel my chest rattle when I breathe at times. Plus the blood in my sputum scared the crap out of me, but I think it might be due to throat irritation since it dont happen but in the mornings mostly). Was given a Z-pack and sent on my way.

Now to my question. How long do Respiratoy infections last? I had mines for 20 days now. Also, what else can I do so I can start breathing better and not having to cough every 2 seconds? Thank you for all your help

Hi Richard,

There is no reliable way to predict how quickly a Respiratory infection will run its course, as we all heal and respond to illnesses differently. Based on your symptoms, it almost sounds more like bronchitis, which is when you have junk in your upper airways moreso that in your lungs. Drink a lot of water and pure fruit juice (helps you stay hydrated and makes mucus thinner and easier to clear up), rest and sleep when you can, take a good multi-vitamin made for young men and hang in there. Late Winter is a rough time for these little buggers because of the seasons trying to change, the climate playing games with us, etc.

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