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Respiratory Therapist/Breathing Problem Following CABG x3


Dear Sir,
I had CABG x3 last year and have had a strange problem since. I'm not short of breath as such but I do have problems getting a good satisfying deep breath, and yawning even feels weird, it almost feels as though I'm 'airlocked'. I first became aware of it about 4 weeks after my op and I still have it 8 months on. I had my breathing checked recently with a spirometer and another device the name of which escapes me. You basically suck into a tube as you would with a straw and blow out again into the small device slowly and steadily, and everything seemed to be in order. I can exercise but it's more difficult than it should be because of this, I have heard that the diaphragm can sometimes be damaged after this type of op.
Your input would be gratefully received.

Good Morning James,

Thank you for entrusting me with your personal health related questions and concerns. I work primarilly in a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, and see many CABG and heart valve repair patients every day, but I have not seen any that have had any diaphragmatic issues associated with their surgeries. If your Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) score out as normal, and you don't necessarily feel short-of-breath on a regular basis, there is probably not something serious going on, but it may be something as simple as your surgical scar causing a restriction on your chest, making it hard to expand the chest fully to feel like you are taking a deep, satifying breath. Have you had any issues with the scar from surgery?

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