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Hi Stephanie,

What is your knowledge on the safest way to use in line suction with ventilator patient while performing cough assist? One of the nurses I was talking to about this said there is a fear of keeping the cough assist going and suctioning intermittently with an in-line to the prescribed depth; since the cough assist is continually going, perhaps there isn't time to suction up all the secretions and they will be pushed further into the lungs with the following inhale. On top of this, I read another professional article from a university saying just suctioning with the in-line at the opening of the trach, during the exhale phase, will be enough to clear the secretions safely.

Hi Kari,

I am very sorry for the delay in response I did not see your question until today.

I have not used any cough assist devices so I cannot speak from personal experience but from what I have read I agree that suctioning with in-line catheter tip positioned at the opening of the trach would normally be adequate and would also be less likely to interfere with the effectiveness of the therapy and be more comfortable for the patient. I also noted that several long-term ventilator- dependent individuals  indicated that this is the method used for them as well.

Excerpt from Equipment Options for Cough Augmentation, Ventilation, and Noninvasive Interfaces in Neuromuscular Respiratory Management      Louis J. Boitano, MSc, RRT

"Secretions can be removed from the circuit during exsufflation by incorporating an inline suction catheter. Place the tip of the inline suction catheter immediate to, but not into, the tracheostomy tube while applying catheter suction during exsufflation to clear secretions and maintain a clean breathing circuit (Fig"

This may be the article you also found; it is quite clear, regarding this matter, unlike the manual and most other references and gives a good picture as well.

Sorry that I could not be of more help in this matter and again I apologize for the delay. If I do get more information regarding this I will forward it to you.  

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