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Hi, I have. Normal healthy 4 year old. She had her the pulse of oxygen reading at a recent doctor visit and it was 96. I asked the doctor and nurse if that was normal, both said yes, their cut off for concern  was  94. My question is what are your thoughts, she is fine with no health problems. Should I follow up or be concerned? Thanks so much

Hi Heidi,

I think your doctor is right; you should not worry about your daughter's oxygen saturation of 96%. The oxygen saturation will fluctuate somewhat during the day normally. While it may be 97-99% most of the time it is not that uncommon for it to dip a little lower depending on circumstances. Also, oxygen saturation spot checks can be subject to a little interference from movement, site or probe fit, ambient light, blood flow (cool fingers), skin integrity or stress during a doctor's visit. Something as simple as a stuffy nose or a cold  can also lower the oxygen saturation a little if it keeps a child from breathing as effectively as normal. I have had many patients  with lower oxygen saturations that were normal after a few deep breaths because they were just breathing too shallowly. If your daughter had oxygen saturation levels consistently or frequently lower than 94%-95%, especially with symptoms of concern, your doctor would probably want to consider it further. It always pays to be aware but don't worry. Your daughter is very fortunate to have such a loving and concerned mother.

Best wishes to both of you.

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