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Hi, Thanks in advance for your advice and expertise. I am a 48 year old female that was born with Bronchitis but grew out of it before I could remember. I moved to LA in 1982 and went to a Clinic Doctor because I had problems breathing.  She gave me a inhaler that I never used or even saw before. I've live a quarter of a mile from a FWY. I have been having asthma and I use a breathing machine at night as needed, a Pro-Air inhaler while at work, and I have Pregnizone 20ml. which I'd prefer not to take but I only use when I am in distress or feel it coming on. I have a  Doctor that has prescribed a preventative inhaler which I refuse to take because if I began to take it, I will have to take it indefinitely which I refuse to be do.  I am wheezing after Pregnizone a rumbling sound.  I never have smoked in my life.  I am clueless of what is going on with me.

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THANK YOU for entrusting me with your personal medical questions and concerns. I'll cut straight to the point... Asthma is not a temporary, "curable" condition that will simply get better and resolve by itself naturally. Asthma is essentially a permanant medical condition that generally, with good care and compliance, can be easily managed. But if you veer away from taking the medications that control it, don't plan on the condition reamining stable forever. I have plenty of patients who come to our ER and end up with a breathing tube and on a breathing machine because they weren't taking their maintendance inhalers and their asthma attack snuck up on them and crushed them. There are times where asthma flare-ups can't be controlled with just the emergency ProAir (Albuterol) the time you realize you need the ProAir, it may be too late as the asthma attack may already be too far advanced to control.

Think of asthma as a condition that needs to be intelligently managed with a "control" medicine. Patients with arthritis take Celebrex or Mobic every day to control pain/inflammation, heart failure patients take LASIX pills to control the fluid from building up in their body, and asthma patients need a maintenance inhaler (I recommend Symbicort or Advair) every day to control their asthma.  You may be surprised how much it helps you. Please do not hesistate to ask me if you have any more questions.  :-)

Best of health to you!

Larry, RRT

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