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Respiratory Therapist/Asthma/Dust allergy issue.


Hi Larry,

Good day to you. The reason of writing you is that I have just come from hospital where I was being treated with below doses.

1- Nebulize with Ventolin alongwith 0.9% Sodium Chloride
2- HY-CORTISONE (Hydrocortisone sodium succinate U.S.P), injection for I.M & I.V use)

My blood pressure was 70/110 in the hospital.

I was having flu since past 2 Weeks but it was not flowing. It was stuck in my chest. My nose was permanently dry. I was having trouble at the time of sleep so I used to put vicks vaporub inside my nose to have a comfort sleep.

When my flu didn't started to flow, I put two drops of mustard oil when I woke up in the morning 5 days earlier. Since then I keep continuing to sneezing with regular intervals. I was convinced to make it flow that it may clear my chest congestion but it didn't worked upto the expectation.

Last night it was unbearable for me to keep continue with sneezing and headache, I took 2 panadols for this, it  relieved for half an hour just, then I slept deliberately.

In the morning, I felt alot of chest congestion. Also having sounds of weazing from my mouth and nose. I took steam and again sneezing but it was unbearable for me when I coughed. I felt that someone has roped my chest from inside.

I am having dust allergy since past 7-8 years and I need to nebulize once or twice every year specially in winter season.

Now a days, there is a dusty season in Karachi. I am 28 years old married guy. Weight is 73 kgs. Need your advised on this to overcome this issue.



Greetings Jahanzaib!

I enjoy hearing from my friends in Pakistan, it is good to know I am able to help people from around the world, so thank you for writing me today!

It sounds to me like you have either the Flu or in the United States, the H1N1 Flu is spreading quickly, it is now considered an epidemic here. My suggestion is to drink LOTS of clean water, take Tylenol for your aches and pains, and for the wheezing have a doctor write a prescription for "Z-Pack" antibiotics, prednisone and an Albuterol inhaler. The wheezing will go away soon once the Prednisone is started, because it is an ANTI-inflammatory medicine. DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu is great for the chest and nasal congestion.  I hope this helps you.

Take care,

Larry, RRT

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