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Does all exsmokers ct scans show emphysoumos changes ? Back in 2007 I quit smoking in2009 I had trouble breathing went to the er.They told me it was anxety .My lung doctor told my lung function was good and that he doesn't always go by the scan.He told me I had anxety. Now its 2014 and when I am sitting I cant get a full breath all day.I can still walk and do stuff whith no struggle but I getting tired and I went to the doctor .exray didn't show anything .I am scared that I have emphysema .I was a very heavy smoker .I can walk for miles withought issues but when I need to breath in a satisfying breath I cant.this has been going on for two weeks.

unfortunately AFTER APERSON stops smoking it can take up to ten years before the damage shows.  Stop smoking stops the further damage, but it takes time and as one ages more of the short of breath will come out.  What you need is to get a copy of your pulmonary function test.  You can have a normal test yet one parameter abnormal.  Some doctors as long as the test shows near 80% lung function to them its normal. when it could be 79.9.  You might want to try some singulair to take.  I also would then get a complete cardiac workout due to the shortmness of breath.  Also go to the American lung association , click on diseases, empshysema, copd, which is chronic obstructive lung disease which is emphysema or chronic bronchitis,  You might ask him to put you on a rescue inhaler.  also go to the Canadian lung association, they have great information on copd.  feel free to email again Karel.

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