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I had act in 2009 that said emphysemous changes . I than had a function test done and was told I was fine and did not have emphysema.They told me I had severe anxiety.Since than I have been pretty active but recently I have had some severe anxiety and now I started thinking about those results and how I will suffer and possibly not have a real life. I quite smoking in 2007 and was a heavy smoker. At the time I thought I would have a normal life but now I am thinking about the ct scan and how my life could be ruined and im scared. The internet says you can die in 5 yrs and will suffer and all sorts of stuff.I was injoying my freedom and being active and now im depressed.

Hello Nadine,

Thank you so much for reaching out to me, I hope I can be of some assistance today. It is not abnormal at all to have some signs of emphysematous changes in your chest CT if you have a smoking history. What matters more than anything is how youre lungs actually function. If your lung function tests are all somewhat normal, you should be fine as long as you are able to get your anxiety under control. There is a term we use called "psychosomatic breathing disorder" which is a term that can be used for patients with stable lung function but get very anxious to the point of creating labored breathing. Find some ways to get the anxiety under control, try slow deep breathing, meditation, tai chi, yoga...activities that teach you to embrace a more relaxed breathing pattern. I hope this helps.

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