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Bronchial Casts
Bronchial Casts  

month ago woke up to tight chest out of the blue nothing led up to it, then post nasal drip and coughing
cough getting worse but i feel fine meaning no fever nothing
then coughing some phlegm but it was clear not much coming out.
breathing sounding asthmatic

chest got really tight so bad i finally gave in to see the doc
(3 week time frame from first symptoms)

on the same day i went to doc i coughed up some greenish
he gave me Cephalaxine and Prednisone 10 days
felt better along the way up until 10th day

BUT on the 12 day cough came back, so did tight chest feeling.
it got worse then better etc.. so i went back to doc

This time he took XRAY and told me it looked clear but that i probably have Bronchitis and he said he would prescribed this time METHYLPREDISOLONE 4MG DOSPAK and an Antibiotic

He told me even though your XRAY is clear and you dont have pneumonia I want to give you what i normally give my patients with pneumonia.
I asked him why would you if my lungs look clear?
He said i believe its the best way to go.
I said what about the ZPAK .he said its good but this one better.

So when i went home i researched this Antibiotic and was amazed at all the negative and dangerous things associated with it.
Yeah trust me i know everything has a risk but this one had the longest list ever plus they even have a FACEBOOK survivors support group of those that have been affected by this drug.

and the drug he wanted me to take was ->LEVAQUINN

Found out my cousin took that and had very bad affects from it.

So i called the doc and said i dont feel comfortable taking this and please prescribed something else and so he gave me Azithromycin ... He said he feels best about the other one but im not gonna chance it.

Anyway im about to start taking my meds right now
my breathing is still rough, sounds bad
i do have a Albutarol treatment machine and that helps but only for hour or so .. and then i start the coughing fits.

Make note that this time around i been coughing up green then yellow then clean, then some green phlegm but also bronchial casts .. those gross stringy things (see my pic)
And every time i start coughing one of those is coming out especially since my coughs are so violent (my body aches)

Whats your thought about anything and everything i just said?

thank you!

Hi Jose,

Dude, that picture is gross, make it go away!  haha, just kidding. Much the time, we have extra thick "goo" like that when we are not very well hydrated. Drinks LOTS of clean water and gets LOTS of good rest. The more hydrated you are, the more that nasty mucus will thin out and come out easier. Also consider taking some Mucinex...I won't list dosages and whatnot because I am not a doctor or a Pharmacist, but go to your local pharmacy and the Pharmacist will listen to your problem and tell you which Mucinex you need - along with getting hydrated, you REALLY need a medicine that will thin that junk out.  The ONLY time in my life that I had mucus like that (I described it as "chewed up pasta noodles" - eww), I was diagnosed with "Walking Pneumonia" and was exhausted for a good 2 weeks or so before I got a Flu and Pneumonia vaccine. I haven't been sick a single day since then. Just be sure to take the meds the doc prescribed you, stay clear of that Levaquin if he gave you something safer, and you should start feeling better in a few days.  

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