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Respiratory Therapist/had to go to the E.R.


hey its Joe I wanted to give you a huge update but first in case you forgot its me JOE V.


anyway this crap so bad again i could not breath and could not wait for a pulmologist i was bad again breathing got shallow, chest tight asthma blah blah blah

so i decide to go to the E.R this past Thurs night and will probably be here couple days more ... i need to knock this out as it got bad again.

I asked and got immediate oxygen, it was at 91 and i was gasping ... they right way gave me Decodron shot ... the got breathing treatment ... then got Xray which was clear ... finally got in ER room and got checked in with questions etc.. I took my bronchial casts samples and info ... then Doc showed up

He was super cool ... showed him my bron cast samples talked alot about my history etc...

got CT scan and everything came out good BUT upper right lobe showed signs of they are calling pneumonitis they said not really bad but the signs show that.

in the ER room was given Rocephin, and started me on Azithromicin.

i was admitted to the hospital and started breathing treatments of Albutarol/Atrovent.... take puffs of Flovent ... and im on oxygen ... that night i went to the ER my breathing off and scary ... percentage is better now.

taking rocephin still on Azithromycin and i now get steroid IV

pulmo dock came to see me and were surprised that i have no history of Asthma ... they will keep me one or two more days.

its been crazy and glad im better, but i been back and forth after meds so i will just have to wait and see.

FYI ... the casts are not being coughed but now it feels the upper chest is where my cough feels...not much coming out but feel i think there is stuff still there

yeah its only been two days so will have to be patient.

Hi Joe,

Well, that's one way to see a pulmonologist fast!

While it was a scary experience I think it will be good in the end to finally put this situation under the microscope so a more effective, long-term, resolution can be be implemented. I know you must feel better about having a comprehensive look at the problem and, perhaps, a definitive determination as to whether there is an underlying component such as asthma, etc. that needs to be treated on an intermittent or on-going basis or that you need to be aware of in any case. Be sure to get as much information as you can from your doctors, while you are in the hospital, so you can understand your situation fully and for future reference.

Let's hope this time when it gets better it stays better.

I look forward to hearing about your improvement and how great you feel.


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