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What us best kind of humidifier tibbbuy for my mom who is 67 and has copd? Is it cool or warm? Would think warm as warm aircalwayavfelt best when I had a cold. Will u plsadvise and yell me why that kindbis better? Alsovwhatvus best multi vitamin to take for copd? My Mon hasn't taken much multi cause of her other meds she is on? Aldo she gas trouble using her albuterol inhaler. Getting it in her lungs even with spacer jusyveith coordination. What is best kindbofvinhaler very easy to vet air into lungs and most effective? Pls reply ASAP so worried about my mom thanks

The best kind to get is the vicks cool air humidier or cvs brand cool air.  Only cool air as this reduces the swelling in the airway.  You will fill up the basin with cold tap water and your going to add a tablespoon on tablesalt to the water.  You put it in bedroom and close the door .The cold air filters the air and the salt will dry up any secretions. also make sure you purchase extra filters. The machine sells for around 40dollars .you can buy it at your local drugstores, or even on amazon, walmart.The filters are about 3 for 10 dollars. The filters must be changed when they turn gray or black, filters are located on top of humidifier. change every 3 months.Instead of an albuterol inhaler . tell the doctor to order you a nebulizer machine,  Its the same medication but in liquid in the inhaler but it is like a pipe, you put the medication in it and it mists.  You may have seen her have it in the hospital.  She simply plugs it in put the medication in the cup and turns on the machine and simply puts the mouthpiece in her mouth and breathes in and out normal but slowly.  The medication when you use a nebulizer gets into the lungs deeper. also you must change the filter in these, they are located in front of machine or in back. filters are the size of a dime.  you can replace it with a cotton ball.  I tell my patients to replace the filter at the end of the week, as if its not changed you are simply breathing back in the stuff that already was removed by the nebulizer.  Doctors and companies always forget to tell the patient these.  If you cant locate where the filter is , look in the manufacturewrs book, or call the company.  I have had many patients constantly wind up in the er.  and its because they never changed the filters or was told and filters were like black charcoal. If one does not use the inhaler properly then its as useful as garbage.  The way to use an inhaler is to note, the medication in the inhaler works by soaking up into ones gums which in turn travels down ones throat into ones airway.If you don't hold the inhaler in your mouth till a count of ten. you are not getting the benefit out of it.

First shake your inhaler.
then blow all your air out
put your mouth over the inhaler
at the same time, take a deep breathe in and press the inhaler.
hold the inhaler in your mouth while you count to 10.
take the inhaler out of your mouth
and whistle your air out
wait one minute and then take your second puff, do it as many puffs as you doctor indicated  and the American lung association are great websites.  However the first link. is the Canadian lung association is highly recommended. on both sites where it says disease click on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis.tHEY HAVE TONS OF INFORMATION.As far as vitamins.  I could not tell you except a good overall multivitamin .  The best medications for copd are advair or Spiriva which are once a day and contain oral inhaled steroids, and help with the inflammation. these are not in liquid form so cannot be used in a nebulizer.  Proventil, Pro-air or albuterol are all short acting ones and come in liquid form, these are also given in the inhaler to use in the canister for short term use and emergency.  They can be used in the nebulizer and one can take 3 to 4 nebulzer treatments daily. always remember to take your last nebulizer treatment right before you go to sleep.  Depending on how bad the copd is , one may also need to have oxygen at home. or while ones sleeps at night.  always sleep on 2-3 pillows.  stay indoors when pollen counts is high.  hope this helps feel free to email again Karel.  You can also visit my personal website. or here at all experts.  take care.Karel

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