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Hello again, I have been unable to leave you a rating because I haven't received your answers in my email. As I explained in my last post to you I had to change services. Could you please email me a resend of the first query I sent to you, so that I can access the rating system. I was very pleased with your quick response and your extremely helpful information. Thank you, David.

Its quite allright, the system does not keep track of questions that one answered.Perhaps if I answered this.You can then try and rate me now.  Forgive the delay in my reply but this is the first time I got any notice of you trying to reach me.  The system must be slow .  feel free to email again ,Karel.  and thank you.

I stand corrected I was able to see the questions I answered however your original question was not listed in here, and I could not remember even what your question was .

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Basic questions on coping and maintaining asthma, copd, emphysema.Basic questions on oxygen therapy at home, no ventilators.


I have been a Respiratory Therapist since 1989

American Association of Respiratory Care

University of Mississippi Respiratory Care Program NYC Dept of Education Respiratory Therapist License

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Have been n expert on sleep disorders also on this website for years

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