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Respiratory Therapist/I dont know what is going on


QUESTION: Can you help me in finding out what is going on?


My nose feels really congested

My chest feels tight because my nose is really congested

Sometimes when I bend down to pick something up I cannot catch my breath and then I panic a little so I get dizzy

Sometimes when I turn my body to the left or right I have to steady my breathing.

I have these symptoms outside the house as well

Heart is fine, nothing wrong there

ANSWER: I suggest you have your lungs tested for possible beginning of asthma, emphysema, especially if you were or are a smoker.  If all checks out you might need to take Ativan for anxiety, but before you think its all anxiety, go to a pulmonary doctor get pulmonary function test which is a simple painless test which one breathes into this machine and measures how fast or slow the breathe reaches the lungs.   feel free to email again Karel

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QUESTION: I dont smoke.  Did the pulmonary function everything was fine.  What does Ativan do?

Then it could be anxiety.  Providing you dida complete cardio testing which means treadmill, echo cardiogram.  If pft pulmonary function test normal then it could be anxiety.  You might want to try Ativan 0.1mg.  to relax, its very mild, and works great for anxiety.  If the chest pain persists your cardiologist should try giving you nitroglycerin to taked under the tongue,  There are people who have nothing wrong with the heart and just get angina which is chest pain, and after putting the pill under the tongue ,they are better.Karel

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