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Hi Karel!
I need a few expert quotes about how making and using homemade cleaning products could be better for someone with asthma and/or allergies than commercial products that contain harsh chemicals. These quotes will appear in a few articles I am writing and would feature your name and occupation, so if you want to include a certain title for yourself, or if you have a website or twitter handle you want linked to your name that would be great. Thanks so much Karel!

Hi, While I do not have any exact recipes for making the cleaning products. You would have to find some websites that does.  You can explain, while Asthma differs from one person to another.  There are asthmatics who cannot tolerate any strong odors especially from  perfumes, or cleaning products.  In this case,  they can use items such as Vinegar, baking soda,lemon,or orange rind and toothpaste for cleaning things.  Since the asthmatic and what triggers there asthma off ranges so much, the ones whose asthma is affected by odors can simply wear a mask to protect their nose and throat from becoming irritated by the odor that in turn can trigger an attack..  I do not have a website.  However you can simply use my name as Karel Sleis RT of All   Feel free to email again,  Karel

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