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Hello, Karel Sleis

I have the following case:

I suffer from a persistent cough. I mostly cough when I talk (not when I am quiet) and it's been there for a while (more than 3 months).

The cough is dry and I don't not have phlegm or any other fluids coming out of my throat.

To cure this illness I eat raw honey (a table spoon) and try to drink lots of water, but the cough does not go away.

What type of cough is this? why is it still so persistent and what should I do to stop it?

Thank you

PS: from what I've read lung cancer can be a cause of coughing, but I was hoping that the symptoms were a bit different and it didn't apply to my case

mANY TIMES having a chronic cough or cough that wont go away may be  sign of emphysema.  You need to have a pulmonary function test its a simple test which you blow into a machine.  They then spray a bronchodilator in your mouth and you retake the test to see if the numbers approve.  If you were or are a smoker, you must stop.   You can call your local hospital and askt them for a pulmonary doctor . You need to take this text. It will show you exactly what is wrong and what you need for the S brand.  However always  get a package of clean filters  You fill up the tub with cold water.  I want you to drop 1 tablespoon of salt in the water and stir.   This makes the water get purified,the air qnd the humidifier dries up the mucous and soothes the hacking courgh.   It sounds like a tug boat it you put a small dish towel under hi.  It will soft up.   thank    you

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