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Hi Ruth. My name is Jaime and I have a question for you if you are able to answer.

I quit my last job I yrs ago to be a stay at home mom. I'm currently job hunting for jobs in the same field as my last job which is factory. My last job lasted 5 yrs and it was at a well known reputable factory in my area. I thought that would help me get a job now and so far all I've done is filled out job apps and made some follow up calls (had to leave voice mails) and my phone is not ringing lol I thought this would be easier. So I'm thinking I need to step it up a bit to get prospective employers' attention. I do have a resume saved on a memory stick and I just went and update my info listed for my 3 references I have listed. I plan on applying at another job this week but I'm not sure how to proceed. Apparently just filling out a job app isn't cutting it. I am not sure when I need to supply a cover letter either nor do I know exactly how to write one....thank goodness for google lol . At my last job I had really good manual dexerity, which I've always been good with my hands. But I've no idea how to convey that to an employer. So my question to you is what do you think my next step should be? I have no intentions of switching to a different job field bc I like this line of work. I like staying busy and it suits me well. Thank you for your time if you are able to advise. I welcome any insights you have to say.


Sorry for the delay.  It landed in spam and then the power went off from Sandy.

You have to target the resumes.  Filling out a job application for jobs that don't exist won't help you.  Network, read the ads, and if necessary
use an employment agency or community job bank.

You only need to do a cover letter when answering an ad.  

Also, did you call the factory you worked at before, human relations department, and tell them that you worked there for 5 years and were wondering if they had any openings?

Warmly, R. Butler

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