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Hello Lisa,
I'm an immigrant in Canada.
My real name is: Vo Tran, My Linh - My family name: Vo Tran, and my given name: My Linh.
However, when I moved to Canada, the officer who dealt with my document plugged in my name as: Vo, Tran My Linh - My family name: Vo, and given name: Tran My Linh. This leads to my being called as "Tran", which is first weird, second uncomfortable.
I wonder if I can write on my resume: " Vo, T.M. Linh" or "T.M. Linh Vo" so people will address me as "Linh", not "Tran"?

Hi My Linh,

You can ask for assistance from more than one professional in this forum, and surely you will receive a variety of responses.  For the actual resume and other legal or professional documents, try to be consistent with how you write your name. This will help avoid any confusion. Each time you list your name in a different way, it becomes an "alias".

For the resume, it may help define your name if you write it like this: My-Linh Vo-Tran.

For other legal documents, simply list your name as it reflects on your legal paperwork. You will find that the large majority of legal documents will list your family name first, followed by your given name. You might also consider having the name revised on your legal document, so that it reflects correctly.  

Hope this helps! I would be interested in reading the response from other professionals.


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