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I want to apply for this job but it requires the availability from M-F 9-1pm. Being a college student i know that i will not be available on Monday and Wednesday every week. To apply for this job i would have to e-mail them my resume and cover letter. I really want to get this job because other than the issue i mentioned above it is a great fit for someone like me who want to work part-time along with studies. I am confused on how to mention this issue to the hiring people. I know that talking about hour limit of my availability is very inappropriate before even i get hired. On the other hand, dishonesty will remain there otherwise. I am stuck and need some help on how and where to mention this problem. Should i mention it in the cover letter or in my e-mail. how can i let them know about the issue the most positive way possible? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reaching out. My recommendation would be to wait until the interview stage before mentioning this potential time conflict. Mentioning it prematurely (i.e. within the resume/cover letter, etc.) would most likely result in your candidacy being rejected outright. However, should you have a positive interview experience, your potential employer might well be inclined to make an accommodation here. Hope this helps!

-Anish Majumdar, CPRW

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