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I've done bachelors in geological engineering and it is my dream to be associated with any exploration or production company like Halliburton, schlumberger, ENI etc. Please help me regarding the construction of resume, format. I've no professional experience, just one month internship in an oil company during study.


I'm glad to help out. Like most HR people, I do not believe in using a cover letter since it is nothing more than duplication of information that is in the resume itself. Many HR people tell me that they do not even look at the cover letter.

With this in mind, I suggest you place greater emphasis upon your resume (which I would be happy to evaluate to make it more effective.

A few important things to remember about a resume:

1. it is intended to gain an interview NOT a job,

2. should be confined to a single page, and

3. contain a very specific explanation of the position you are seeking.

4. Use this format:

Personal Information, Specific Objective, Educational Background, Occupational Background, References #do not use friends or relatives).

Write your resume with these points in mind, and I shall be glad to look it over.

Good luck,

Jerry Leone  

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