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I am seeking a specific career advice from career professional such as yourself.
Here is my history: I am a 33 year old female with business oriented Bachelors Degree (graduated in 2007). During college years I was working in restaurants as waitress/bartender/ hostess. Shortly after I graduated I married, had a baby and stayed home for two years. Currently I am employed part-time as a waitress at the same place I used to work.

I am currently looking to start a career in outside sales for food or alcohol distributor. I have been applying for the past month and so far had only one interview. I feel that a lot of the skills are transferrable. I am passionate about food/ beverage. I have lots of experience in customer service. I establish relationships with people easily and can communicate comfortably with people of diverse backgrounds.

Would you please advise if my desired transition to outside sales is unreasonable. Any career advice will be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.


I don't believe your transition into outside food sales is unreasonable at all. What identified transferrable skills have you been highlighting on your resume, cover letter, and profile? Are there any areas specific to that specific niche field that you still need to get training and/or experience in? What are you doing to build upon those things in your part-time waitress experience?

I would start asking questions of the food and alcohol distributors that service the restaurant you currently work for and ask them about how they got into their current line of work and what would be the BEST direction for you looking to make a break into that area? There is a lot of power and information to be shared by professionals already in a specific career field which cuts down on your learning curve and time it takes to get into a specific career field. Tap into their "insider knowledge". Ask if they can mentor you through the transition. Ask who their boss is and then get in contact with him/her for an informational interview and their perspectives as well.

The blessing in your situation, Maggie, is that you are not very far removed from where you want to be. Get the answers to the test and then ACE IT! You've got this!

I hope this helps!

Claiming nothing but success in all of your career endeavors,

Torski Dobson-Arnold
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