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I'm transitioning into teaching, and because I plan to be a teacher for the long haul I don't want to make any mistakes. At my lower level jobs I socialized with the women there and things turned bad quick! I was different from them in every way, so they though it was ok to mock me. Same happened to my well liked hubby. Although he doesn't mention personal things 1 person still tried to mock him.

I discovered that if your different in anyway from your co workers. They tend to dislike you, or look down on you. Happened to other people I knew as well. People can go so far as to purposely jeopardize your career success. Some people even tried to pull information about me only to mock it, later. My question is, should I just keep to myself. Only greeting them, speaking when spoken to? To avoid extra drama?

Or am I just blowing up my bad experiences out of proportion. I'm in my early 20's and I don't want to come to hate doing something I love.


These are all VERY good questions, so let me take them one-by-one and make sure I give you some feedback based on my own experiences from the workplace.

Regardless as to their intent, these coworkers that you have referenced appear to "not be behaving well in the sandbox" so I do think it is important to be mindful of how often and what you share with them of a personal nature, HOWEVER, you do not want to distant yourself from them totally. You can have this backfire to your own professional demise and create a brand for yourself of not "being a team player."

Also know that it is TOTALLY fine to be different.I find that different stands out, is recognized at times for being valuable to the organization and can act as a catalyst of change in a dormant, non-creative work team. You don't want "different" to be revered by your boss and those in management as being bad or negative, so make sure to touch base with your direct supervisor maybe once a quarter to touch base and make sure your work performance is exceeding standards and always seek and find ways to be a problem solver in your work unit.

Unfortunately, I believe these corworkers that mock you at work may be threatened by your talent (AKA differences) and has not determined a constructive way to deal with their own insecurities. I predict that this won't be your last experience dealing with this type of behavior. Definitely avoid drama and don't start gossip about them and their behaviors instead seek the BEST that they have to offer and compliment them on their unique skills and talents. Who knows? You may even get a few more players on your team.

I hope this helps!

Claiming nothing but success to you and all of your career endeavors,

Torski Dobson-Arnold
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