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Hello there,
   I need help on my cover letter, because I do not know what to say or how to put more of professional words along with trying to address in the cover letter how my abilities are capable of helping their company to get the job done. The career  that I am aiming for is a way different path than the career I have now to explain to make them understand the switch that I'm willing to make...I work on the Mississippi river at the moment. I be gone from home for 21 days and comes home on break for 21 days. However three weeks on and three weeks off. I've made up my mind to come home to be with family to raise my son and be with my wife  to see  her glorious face daily.

    This is the information that I do on the Mississippi river:
I am a deckhand which is a part of the team and like any other team, everyone has to contribute equally, perform assigned tasks in a safe manner, keep myself and my living quarters presentable at all times, ask questions if I am not sure, complete assigned tasks in a timely manner, maintain a high standard of workmanship, respect the rights of others, report for watch change on time, ask for help when needed, report all personal injuries, follow the chain of command, put tools and supplies in their proper place when through with them, follow Company Policies and Safety Rules at all times, know my responsibilities in an emergency situation, clean walkways on barges, check and tighten tow, check barges for water, check navigation lights, put out and taking up lines, paint numbers on barges, remove old fouled or broken rigging and lines, replace broken stationary rigging and winch wires. A good deckhand also takes pride in his vesselís appearance. After all, your vessel is an extension of your home.
The job that I am applying for is a Wire technician at AT&T. The job includes:       
Educate customers on service features and functionality
Verify all services are working correctly
Install and rearrange inside wires
Possibly work in small confined spaces or aloft (up to 28ft)
Work with hand tools
Work outdoors in all kinds of weather

Valid state drivers license and non-negligent driving record Meet 275lbs weight limit due to safety restrictions Ability to lift and move up to 80lbs Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends Complete on-the-job and/or classroom training as required to remain on the job Satisfactory results from a background/employment history investigation and drug screening Qualification on pre-employment screening Ability to perceive differences in wire and cable colors Complete on-the-job and/or classroom training as required to remain on the job.

I really want my cover letter to sound  professional.


I'm glad to help out. Like most HR people, I do not believe in using a cover letter since it is nothing more than duplication of information that is in the resume itself. Many HR people tell me that they do not even look at the cover letter.

With this in mind, I suggest you place greater emphasis upon your resume (which I would be happy to evaluate to make it more effective.

A few important things to remember about a resume:

1. it is intended to gain an interview NOT a job,

2. should be confined to a single page, and

3. contain a very specific explanation of the position you are seeking.

4. Use this format:

Personal Information, Specific Objective, Educational Background, Occupational Background, References (do not use friends or relatives).

Write your resume with these points in mind, and I shall be glad to look it over.

Good luck,

Jerry Leone

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