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I'm currently looking for a real job after doing odd jobs for a very long time.I have a degree in computer programming and also a CPA from another country.I've only had two part time jobs,a crew at McDonald and also Client Service Provider at H & R block.I also have attended a course in Tax preparation through H & R Block classes.My other work experience was Audit ExaminerAccounts Clerk positions which I held before moving to the USA.I do constantly update my skills by myself,So I consider myself tech savvy.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for a summary of your skills, but I'm not sure what help you are asking for here.  Perhaps with a follow-up you might tell me what career path you are aiming at (i.e. what kind of "real job" are you looking for?).  I can make an assumption based on your background that you are looking for something in accounting or auditing but it would be better if you give me some specifics in that regard.

There is some valuable information here, but you really haven't asked me a question so it is unclear to me what kind of help you would like to have me provide.

I look forward to a follow-up communication from you with specific questions; that would enable me to provide you with specific responses pertinent to your situation.

Best wishes,

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