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I am looking to make a career change into Information Technology and Linux system administration.  Computers have been a hobby of mine since the 1980's, but I have not actually held a job in this industry.  As a hobby I have taught myself Linux as well as some of the software that is commonly used and have become proficient with it.  My knowledge is at par with some Senior Administrators and Engineers, as I can hold my own when we talk about advanced topics.  The problem is that no companies will hire me due to my lack of "job" experience in the field.  I have actually been told that I am over qualified, but under experienced.  Meaning that with my knowledge, I am over qualified for an entry level position, but due to the lack of job experience I am not eligible for a higher position.  

I do not have a college degree, nor do I have the money to get certifications.  

My belief is that I may be under selling myself.  I believe in being completely honest and have not included anything on my resume that is untrue and refuse to do so.

My background is in Audio Visual, where I have done some supporting of computer systems.  However, the computer support was not my primary job.

What advice can you offer?

Thanks in advance


Talking the talk and walking the walk is two totally different things. I would HIGHLY suggest if you have not already done so, hiring a career strategist, like myself, to develop a job search strategy to include heavy networking in the field to potentially break into contacting gigs and opportunities that will allow you to show what you can do on a project basis versus just talking about what you can do.

This will give hiring managers and recruiters alike something "they can sink their teeth into" and could be the nugget to open doors professionally for your career in IT.

Contrary to your initial email, I do think you should look more carefully at your professional investment and see what can be done to carve out a specific certification which potentially could be done from simply buying the books and sitting for the cert exam. If you are as quick of a study as you say you are, having taught yourself programming and other IT languages, this should be the least of your issues.

I hope this helps!

Claiming nothing but success in all of your career endeavors,

Torski Dobson-Arnold
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