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Hello Ruth I have email you before you been very helpful I have been in out job for awhile now  Can't not find a job with stabilty in my town  And I'm   interesting to move out of state for a fresh start  I was wondering should i  use a   address from the state I'm applying in or the address I live at now I have been told to leave my address where i  live at now   But I think that might be hurting to get a job I did go down to the state I want to move to several job fairs And look for job So my resume Is in the hands of employer But I think if i  live out of state They wont give me a chance Thank you Carolyn6sv

Dear Carolyn:

I am sorry you are still having trouble.

Not necessarily.  You need to put in your cover letter or tell them at a job fair, that you are looking to move and will do that and can do that as soon as you are hired.  Make sure that is true.  In other words, if they offer you employment, can you be able to get there in a week or two?

So, make your sure you can be ready to leave, and as long as you clearly state that fact, you should be ok.

Warmly, R. Butler

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