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I am seeking to change my career to hotel sales. I would like to be a sales manager for a hotel. I have some hotel background and teaching background.
So I want to curtail my resume around my sales ability. I was a teacher and a substitute teacher. However, it does not flow smooth on my resume because of dates and duties.
For example, I started out as a substitute teacher from 11/07 - 12/09. Then I was hired as a full-time teacher from 12/09 - 6/11. I was then laid off in June 2011.
I went back to being a substitute from 8/12 - 6/13 in the same county.
I then moved to Iowa because of my fiances new job. I began working as a substitute from 8/12 - present.

I decided to group my teachign jobs together to show employers I have been in the education field for total of 6 years instead of singling them out one by one. The problem is I look like a job hopper in teaching. Should I list al the schools out one by one? That dates look too scattered. I thought maybe just starting from 11/07 - present?

Here is what my resume looks like:

3294 NW Edgewater Lane
Cell Phone:  

To apply strong sales and marketing skills to boosting your firmís revenues.

Led, trained and motivated 25 staff members weekly
Routinely handled as many as 200 customer contacts a day in a busy hotel
Managed a classroom consisting of +40 students
Entrepreneurial spirit with corporate skills driving revenue and profit performance
Profound ability to take ownership of problems and find suitable resolutions
Exceptionally motivated and eager to succeed
Contributed to the implementation of promotional programs that optimized revenue

Proficient in Microsoft Word, Office, Suite, Outlook, Excel, Delphi, Powerpoint, XP, 7, Vista, FMIS, OnQ
Knowledge of computer languages: C++, Java, .NET, HTML, MySQL
Sales/Marketing Support
Effective Oral/Written Communication
Client Relationship Management
Heavy telephone usage

Teacher and Substitute      Pinellas County Schools, St. Petersburg, FL 11/07 - 12/09
         Park Middle School, St. Petersburg, FL 12/09 - 6/11
         Pinellas County Schools, St Petersburg, FL  8/11 - 6/12
         Des Moines Public Schools, Des Moines, IA 8/12 - 6/13

Developed innovative curriculum to instruct individual students and small groups
Successfully managed a large classroom of students while integrating high-level
lesson plans
Launched a Wellness Committee to improve healthy lifestyles
Established and maintained positive relationships with students, parents and colleagues
Reduced school spending costs 25% by effectively implementing educational resources

Concierge          Bayfront Hilton Hotel, St. Petersburg, FL 11/04 - 06/08

Greeted guests in a courteous and friendly manner
Informed guests of the hotelís procedures and policies and provide emergency information
Increased hotel productivity by providing team support
Streamlined the guest service system to increase hotel business
Attended phone calls and answered customers' queries regarding hotel services
Upsold the hotel amenities and services

Sales Professional       Suntasia Marketing, St. Petersburg, FL 06/02 Ė 11/04
Increased revenue by 40% by utilizing effective closing skills
Motivated team members by having weekly meetings to help reach their sales goals
Generated qualified sales leads and appointments for new business
Set a company record by selling the most dell computers in a single day

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
University of South Florida, 2005 GPA 3.5

Associate Arts in Psychology
Daytona Beach Community College

Hi Todd,

It's difficult to know where to start here.  First, I suppose, I should answer your questions as best I can.  Yes, you need to list all of your employment including each of the schools individually.  List them in reverse chronological order.  But, of course, your hotel experience needs to be listed last since it occurred earliest.  List every job with every date included.

There are a lot of problems with your resume.  It would be best if I could see it in its original form so I could get a better idea of it in the correct format and context.  I could then give you some concrete suggestions about fixing the issues.

If you would like me to give you a free evaluation of your resume, kindly attach it to an email and send it to the address below.  Put "Resume" in the subject line so it isn't accidentally deleted.  My company does this sort of thing for thousands of people every year from all over the world.  I'm sure we can help you to get your res in good professional shape.  But I really need to see it in its contextual format to give you the best critique.  I look forward to your email.

Best wishes,  

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