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I have just gone through a day assessment for a job that I really like. Great news is that I have got through the first round and have been invited back for a 2nd interview. To be honest I didn't think I would get through the first day.
The job is customer service manager for a college. The customer is outside businesses.
I am thinking of putting together a business plan for the interview. I have done these before but not sure where i should start this time.
I want to have hand outs etc for the interview.
What do you think.
Where should I start.
The interview is with a board by the way next week.
Any help you can offer would be great.

I'm thinking a business plan should not be to specific and easily adaptable in case it doesn't fit their ideas.
What questions do you think they may go for and what response do you think.


Hi Paul, Congratulations on making it to the second round!

I would need to know a bit more about the previous and upcoming interview to provide you with better guidance. Are you planning to put together a business plan for this potential employer, or the customer service department?  If so, my perception is that this strategy may come across as bit presumptuous (insulting) and could backfire. To develop or re-engineer a viable business plan, one would have to have access to (and analyze) much more proprietary information, such as organization goals, operating procedures, previous results, strengths and weaknesses, deficiencies, etc. In other words, you would have to know what is right or wrong in order to develop a strategy to fix issues, unless of course this is a new department.

In other words, you answered you own question - "I'm thinking a business plan should not be to specific and easily adaptable in case it doesn't fit their ideas".  

Having handouts is great, you could start with your CV or resume, and cover letter published on fine linen to provide each member of the panel with a personal copy. Then, you could have a mini portfolio available for each member that provides samples of your previous work or other business plans that you created, with the measurable results outlined.

Spend you time prepping for the upcoming interview by learning as much as you can about the panel members and the organization. Employers are typically concerned not only about your skill set, but also about how well you will fit in with their team. Speaking the same industry language, and connecting on a personal level is priceless. If you wish to contact me through my website, I will send you a couple lists that provide sample questions from both the employer and candidate perspective.

Hope this helps a bit!  Check out other experts to gather additional perspective on this subject.


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