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Due to the company I worked for being sold off I am now in Europe looking for work, though I have no idea what sort of jobs to aim for, given my rather varied CV. Please give me relevant advice re what job fields to aim for. Here is my CV below:-

CV   *Personal Details Deleted*

Work experience

2013          Moved to Vienna, Austria

2007 - 2013     Safari Camp Assistant, Mahale, Tanzania.
         * Work:- Prepared  accomodation for guests(16 beds  in two-bed tents).
         *  Received and welcomed guests.
         *  Organised of the excursions according to the length of stay of the guests.
         *  Chose  menus/ Cleaned and maintained boats.

2006 - 2007   Parking Attendant, NCP London.
* Work:-  Checked correct parking of vehicles.
         *  Trained newer recruits.

2000 - 2005   Telemarketer, The Listening Company, London
* Work:- Was responsible for arranging insurance quotes.
* Persuaded companies to register onto a film-production database.
         * Persuaded customers to register with AOL.
* Persuaded companies to register with business databases.

2000 - 2000    Telemarketer, Market Europe, London
* Work:- Responsible for arranging quotes for customers.
         * Carried out telephone surveys.

1998-2000       Head of Archaeology Department, Foyle’s Bookshop, London
         * Work: Buying books from publishers, discussing new publishing programs
         with publishers representatives.
         * Advising customers, selling and sorting books.

1996-1997      Assistant to Australian businessman, Germany.
         * Work:- Helping with renovation of  a property.
         * Helped translate from German to English. Collaborated at import/export.

1995          English-Teacher  in Kiev, Ukraine,  Organisation Teaching Abroad
         * Work:-  Taught English to local businessmen.

1991-1992   Military service with Austrian Guards regiment.
     Maria-Theresien-Kaserne, Vienna.
         * Work: Participated in army parades, military training, frontier surveillance, cleared
* snow in  city-centre.


  Programming Language  „C“. Computeach, Dudley, England

         BA in German,
         Royal Holloway College, London University.

         A-Levels:- D’Overbroek’s College, Oxford
         Subjects:- Latin, Ancient Greek, German.

         O-Levels, Winchester College, England
         Subjects:- Latin, Ancient Greek, Mathematics, French, German, Biology, Physics, Chemistry,          
         English Language, English Literature.
Additional Skills


     English :   Native Speaker.
     German :   Fluent in speech and writing.
         French  :   Working knowledge.
         PC Skills:-
         Familiar with   Access/Word/Powerpoint/Excel.”C” programming language.

* Skiing
* Swimming (Lifeguard certificate)
     *Judo (green belt)


Hi George,

Yes, you have probably the most "varied" resume I have ever encountered.  One of the things you didn't tell me - and what would probably be the most revealing - is why you left each of these positions.  You don't list the date of your graduation from Royal Holloway, so I'm not sure where that falls in the sequence of events.  There is a gap from 1992 to 1995 so I am supposing it could have been during that period.

You asked me for advice on what "jobs to aim for."  Given the variety of skills you have and the variety of jobs you have held, that is a nearly impossible task for someone who knows as little as I do about you.  What you seem to be implying by your request is that YOU don't know what you should aim for.  If you don't know what direction to take, how would you expect to get meaningful advice from a person who has never met you, knows virtually nothing about you, and has no idea who you are as a person?

The question you SHOULD be asking is "Who am I, what do I want, and how do I want to get there?"  I'm sure I could give you better advice if we had the opportunity to talk, if I could ask you some questions and get to know something about you.  But to simply look at your CV and then tell you what field of work you should aspire to without knowing anything more about you is really not possible.

Sorry I can't be more help than that, but the real answer to your question lies within you - it does not rest with the opinion of a stranger.

Best wishes on finding your calling.

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