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Hi Ralph,

Everybody says that the usual last interview question is "do you have questions?"  That was the question I got at an interview I had yesterday but, honestly, I just didn't have any.  The interview answered all my questions, so is it really necessary for me to have some?  Should I just make something up even if I don't have questions?  I've talked to some of my friends who told me they didn't ask any questions in their interview.  So, how important is this and why is it important?  Thanks.

Hi Eric,

My first impression of your questions is that you didn't do enough research prior to your interview.  During the time leading up to the interview you should be researching the institution where you have applied, you should be finding out everything you can about them, and you should know something about the person or persons who will be interviewing you.  If you do this properly and in-depth, there will undoubtedly be things you find that will prompt questions.  Write these things down and be prepared to ask them at the end of the interview.

It's true that an interviewer or an interview committee will give you the opportunity to ask things that have not been covered in the interview or things that are not clear about the position for which you have applied.  If you have done your research properly, you should uncover issues that you can ask about.

This is very a very important part of the interview process.  Your ability to ask incisive questions demonstrate that you have interest in the job that goes beyond the superficial factors.  It shows that you have both the interest and the skills to dig into the job and the institution in ways that  make you different - in a positive way - from most other candidates.  It can also be an opportunity to discuss your previous experience and how that experience will be useful to your new employer.  If you haven't researched the employer, there is no way for you to demonstrate how your background fits the new employer's needs.

So, bottom line: the questions you ask have the potential to make a good final impression on the interviewer AND to make some points in your favor by demonstrating your interest in the employer and the ways that you can impact the needs that employer has.

Yes, it is necessary for you to have questions to ask, and yes, it is very important.  Do more homework next time and you'll be amazed at some of the things you find that will give you insight into the employer and provide lots of material for you to ask about in the interview - so you don't have to "make something up."

Hope this helps; best wishes,

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