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Hello Ralph,

I have been reading many of your other responses and you give great advice, was hoping to get your perspective on a few questions.

1.) I have held 3 different jobs since 1997, was thinking it would show my longevity, that I don't bounce around much. My current job (8 years) is relevant to my current industry (IT).  I am thinking of cutting my resume down to my current job and my last job (giving the majority of real estate to the current) to really focus on what I do today.  

However, I am concerned about not showing enough history.  What are your thoughts on how far back to go?  Especially given the most relevant to jobs I am submitting for is from my current employer, not previous retail job employers.

2.) .pdf or .doc for best proactive as submitting electronics resume?  I hear good reasons for both, but I am leaning toward .doc because I understand these electronic resume systems can't read the data on .pdf

3.)  Would you mind taking a look at my current draft and providing me any feedback?  I am happy to email it over, plus it would probably help you see what I am asking in question 1.

Very much appreciate your time and insights.


Hi Louie,

Feel free to send your resume to my email address below; I'll be pleased to give you a free analysis based on your questions.

Now, as to the specific inquiries:

1) Unless you are told differently by the employer, you need to supply all of your work history.  Sometimes an employer will ask for only the last ten years, but unless you receive other instructions, always include you entire history.  The reason for this is fairly practical.  If you leave significant gaps in what you report, it leaves the employer to try to figure out what you were doing.  Often, their conjecture can be much more harmful to you than the truth ever would.  For example, they may conclude that you were in prison and have left it out so as not to damage your job chances.  Put it all in unless told differently.  I realize that some jobs may not be relevant to your current situation, but try to present those previous positions in the best possible way so that - if possible - they may contain elements of your present job readiness.

2) There are, indeed, some employers who want pdf and some who take only doc.  I would support your leaning toward doc, but what I think is a better solution is to get on the phone (or email) and ask the HR department of the employer (or whomever receives your app documents) and ask if they have a preference.  Often the employer will designate their preference in the job announcement or specify how to submit in the announcement instructions.  I think the best option is to simply ask.   Normally most HR people appreciate you asking and my experience over the years tells me that the vast majority of those folks are very easy to work with.

I look forward to seeing your resume.  If you have specific job announcements, that would help me to evaluate your app in context.  Also, if you have a cover letter that you will send, I'll take a look at that also if you'd like.

Best wishes,

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