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How do I create the right resume title?  As I research various career websites, many companies use different job titles for positions that may sound relatively the same. How do I create one that contains what is essential? I am in the midst of a career change. I no longer want to teacher in the capacity where I am grading papers. Yet I want to remain where I am instrumental in youth/adult development (academically or career wise) or community development (working with schools or organizations for the betterment of youth or adults).  My students often tell me that I have missed my calling as a mentor or counselor.  How can I create the right resume title?

Hi Aleesha,

Great question! Your observation about the employer use of job titles and the similarity of duty descriptions is right on target. One employer may call their office employee a Secretary, while another calls the position an Administrative Office Manager.

If your background correlates to what the employer is looking for, use the job title they prefer to describe yourself as a candidate, and reserve the right to change it up depending upon the target audience. In fact, if you feel awkward about using their job title because you have never actually held that particular title before, use the word Candidate directly behind the job title.

Essentially, tell the employer right up front that you are who they are looking for. This is an especially valuable strategy for changing careers. If you are pursuing opportunity in community outreach or youth counseling, why not call yourself a 'Youth Counselor Candidate', followed by all of the things that make you a viable choice to serve in this role.

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