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May I ask when your potential employer will usually contact your referee, who is your current boss?

I mean, for me, the best scenario is the new/potential employer will only contact my current boss once the negotiations have been done (salary, benefits, job requirements, etc). Then I would be happy for them to talk to my current boss.

It seems bad for me if they contact my current boss, who will not be pleased that I am looking for other jobs. And then when the salary negotiations fail, then I will have to face my current boss for a long time.

My sincere thanks,

Dear Liam:

Most potential employers know not to contact your current boss since you could lose your job if they know you are looking.  The next time you go on an interview, state that you would appreciate them not contacting your current boss unless you are selected.  In that case, make sure you can provide other references that would not hurt you in this respect.

Warmly, R. Butler

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