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We had new management come in and they essentially replaced all of the managers/supervisors.  What is a graceful way to explain this is my job seek?  Would you be willing to critique my resume if I send it to you?


Hi Jer,

First, the answer to your last question is yes, I would be happy to critique your resume.  Send it to me as an attachment to an email to the address below.  That is much easier than trying to attach things here.

Second, if I understand what you are asking, you are wanting to know how to explain the management moves in your job search documents.  However, you haven't given me much information here so I will have to make some assumptions.  It would be helpful if I knew what kind of business this was, what your job is (or was) and why you think you need to explain the actions by new management.  I will assume you were one of the managers and you were replaced and you need to know how to describe this in your documents relating to searching for a new position.

If that is the case, you don't need to worry about being "graceful."  Simply state that the company (or whatever kind of institution this is) went through a takeover and they decided to bring in their own management team.  This is quite normal when a takeover occurs and it is really nothing you have to be concerned about explaining.  Simply state the facts in a few words; nearly any employer you apply to will understand completely without any need for further justification.

I look forward to seeing your resume.  If you have a cover letter you have used and intend to use going forward, you can attach that also.

Best wishes,

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