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I am a welder. i am 28 years old. for the last 5 years i have held only two jobs. before that i was in the pit of despair with the recession. ive been welding since high school and have held dozens of jobs since. once i was 19-20 i tried to made my stab at being serious about my career. during that time i held six welding jobs and was laid off from every single one!!! i liked to work in smaller shops which oviously wasnt the right choice at the time. How can all of these jobs together, some slightly scattered by short periods of unemployment be accuratley represented on a resume since so many of my skills came from these places?

Hi Travis,

An excellent question, but one that is being faced by many people today.  What i am going to recommend to you is that you send me your resume and let me take a look at your whole job history in context.  That will give me a better idea of how to proceed here.

Ordinarily, I do not recommend my clients use categories such as "Skills" or "Qualifications" since these are so over-used by everyone else, they run the risk of being ignored by employers.  However, in the case that you describe, we might want to consider highlighting such things as your qualifications and skills instead of the traditional presentation of a job history.  Normally, that kind of thing (referred to as a "Functional Resume") is reserved for very recent high school grads with no work history at all.  In your case, it appears you have a ten-year work history but it is scattered amongst a lot of employers.  We'll want to do something that highlights all that experience while minimizing the job-hopping; I am certain we can arrive at a good solution for you.

So, send me an email to the address below, attach your resume, and, in addition, give me some more details about why you were laid off from those six welding jobs you refer to in your question.  Once I have all this, I will be in a much better position to give you accurate and helpful advice.  

Best wishes,

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