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I have a creative talents and energies as

- voice over
- dance and performing
- acting
- modeling
- singer as choral performing
- creative writing ( screenplays-theater plays - stories)
- story teller
- collage arts design

and like miniatures figures and diorama

also my past jobs work for 4 years let me detect on myself the
following skills :

- personal communication skills
- negotiations skills
- fast and creative problem solver
- photographic memory
- management skills
- leadership skills
- work under pressure
- planning and organizational skills

1- all the above moreover creative ideas , I want to share that on
boardgames manufacturer companies like hasbro and other

but I haven't any professional experience on board game design and
manufacturing  but I want to share that on boardgames industry , so
how can I write a proposal letter for the company contain all the
mentioned to accept me as a newbie ? is that able to happen ?

2-  all that I just have energy-talent-amateur and I haven't any
professional experience or professional work

so how can I write proposal or letter for instance to entertainment or
related company mentioned fields to  access entertainment field as
newbie and catch an opportunity

Hi AO,

You need two primary documents to create a professional portrait of yourself for any potential employer: an effective and powerful resume, and a well-written and strong cover letter.  Most job applicants fail to understand how important these two documents are.  These are, after all, the only things that an employer will have to judge you on until you get an interview.  But you can't get an interview unless the resume and the letter are sufficiently and professionally crafted.

There are a limited number of formats for writing both of these documents that are acceptable to most employers.  The resume needs to provide your educational and work history BUT do it in a way that describes what you have actually done.  You do not necessarily need to have experience in board-game design, but you DO need to describe the things you have done (or studied) in ways that appeal to the employer's needs.  Your background cannot be described in the way you do it in your question to me.  A lot of what you have listed is what we call "boilerplate" or catch-all phrases and words that are claimed by a lot of applicants.  You need to tell an employer what you have actually done or studied that make you a good choice for an interview.  If you simply list things like "leadership skills" or "work under pressure"  there is no real impact provided.  Most people will claim these kinds of things.  You must separate yourself from other applicants by describing your background in ways that provide active verbs and positive descriptions of your skills and training.

I am assuming from the way your question is worded that English is not your first language, so if your documents are going to be submitted to an employer in a predominantly English-speaking country, these things need to be prepared by a person who can write flawless English descriptions of you so you are presented in the best possible way.  My company does this sort of thing as its only business and we do it for people from all over the world.  If you would like me to consider preparing your documents, you may write me at the address below and I will be happy to give you a price quote.  Since you and I have met on AllExperts I will be happy to do the work for you myself (as opposed to assigning it to one of my writers) and I can save you a good amount of money that way.  

If you have a resume and/or letter draft already prepared, you can attach those to the email that you send me and I will give you an analysis of them for free.  If you have a job announcement from a potential employer to attach, that would be very helpful also (since your documents need to be tailored to each employer according to what they need).  After that, if you want me to consider preparing your documents, I will be happy to give you a price quote and you can then decide if you would like me to do the work for you.  If you decide you do not want me to work on them, that is fine - no obligation.  But you need to get someone who is a native English speaker/writer to do this if you want to present yourself in the best possible way.

I hope my comments here are of some help to you; write me if you want to pursue this further.

Best wishes,

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