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After college, I took a lot of non-credit math courses (some were free online courses and I also watched video lectures and studied workbooks).  I would appreciate if you would let me know how I should mention my math skills on a resume.  Could I list studying math as one of my hobbies/interests?  Thank you.

Hi Alicia,

On the resume, you can list the courses you took very simply and straight-forward.  The best place to describe the content and your interest is in the cover letter.  Remember that the resume is a snapshot, the cover letter is a narrative, so the resume should not contain a lot of verbiage and information that the reader cannot take in at a glance.

The answer to this also ideally requires that I take into account what the rest of your resume looks like so I can best advise  you on inserting your extra-curricular study of math.  If you would like me to take a look at your resume and/or letter, attach them to an email and send them to the address below.  I'll be happy to help!

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